Where It All Started

A little about us, our founder, & our passion for Homemade Bakers!

Kindly photographed by: https://www.susanlangstadt.com/

Life Just Got That More Delicious

My name is Katelyn, I am the owner and founder of Homemade Bakers. I am 29 years old and striving to make a positive and rewarding change in others lives. For as long as I can remember, I have had a love and passion for baking. I remember sitting on the counter in my Mother's kitchen and helping her bake. I vividly remember every time she would turn around, I would take a huge hunk of brown sugar and quickly place it in my mouth before she could catch me (and most times she did!). At age 18, I made the ultimate decision to attend Moravian College (a small liberal arts college in Bethlehem, PA) to study business. After graduating from Moravian with honors in 2016, the biggest question came into my life: What do I want to do for the rest of my life? I couldn't shake the feeling of having to decide where I would work or what I would do for the rest of my life.

What I knew for certain was that I have a passion for business and a long-time love for baking.

Homemade Bakers started as a dream and has become a reality. Baking with my Mother and family was a positive influence on my life while growing up. I will cherish and never forget the days spent in the kitchen with my family, whipping up chocolate chip cake, double boiling some chewy homemade brownies, or stirring the batter for my brothers birthday cakes. Always having a baked good on the kitchen counter became a weekly staple in my life. 

I want others to be able to have their own tradition and feeling like I had when I walked into the kitchen and there was a fresh baked good sitting on the counter. Mix Box makes baking homemade baked goods, desserts, and now breads possible, while also bringing fresh, new recipes to your home every month. This business isn't just for me, it's for all of you.