The Most Frequently Asked Questions by our Homemade Bakers

If you need more information or assistance, please contact us at Contact@HomemadeBakersClub.com or Message us on Facebook!

When will my first box ship?

Sign up this month to receive next months box. Your first box will ship out between the 1st-7th of next month. 

How often & when will I get this box?

Monthly! We ship around the 7th of each month & provide 1-3 day shipping.

How do I swap to the Cinnamon Buns?

How: There are 3 ways to swap to the Cinnamon Buns:
1) Reply to our swap reminder emails (we send 2 every month; around the 13th & 25th)
2) Reply to your Welcome Email (there are instructions on the email about swapping) - or reply to ANY of our emails (Homemade Bakers Club)
3) Email / Facebook / Instagram message us that you’d like to swap

When: Just let us know before we ship your box that month! Sooner is always better so we can purchase fresh ingredients for you & get your box out ASAP.

Can I get a printable Gift Certificate before the first box arrives?

Yes! Just contact us & we will send you the PDF to print. It includes text such as "You've been gifted Mix Box, You've been gifted x months, Your first dessert will be: xyz"

What's in the box?

Your box will include pre-measured, nonperishable (sometimes fruit!) ingredients, a recipe booklet, baking tips & info about your dessert, ingredients & allergen info, and information about the next months dessert! 

Do the boxes come with ingredient amounts so we can make the dessert again?

Yes! You can find the ingredients & yields on the back of the white ingredient card in each box.

How do we know what perishable ingredients we will need? What kind of perishable ingredients will I need?

We will send you 2-3 emails throughout the month prior to your box arriving to remind you of what ingredients you will need for the upcoming dessert! You will need ingredients like milk, butter, eggs, & some perishable fruits to complete the dessert. You can also find this information under "Upcoming Desserts" here on our website!

Does it contain any products that will spoil or go bad that I need to open right away?

Most of our boxes do not contain perishable ingredients. Just keep an eye out for the fresh fruit included in some of the boxes!

Will my subscription renew automatically?

Subscriptions will renew automatically until canceled. Gift subscriptions do NOT renew automatically unless you choose for it to renew at checkout. You can check if your gift subscription will renew at your Account Page under "Your Subscriptions".

When will I be charged for a renewal?

Renewals occur the 15th of each month for the next months box. Month to month subscriptions renew every month, while prepay subscriptions renew every 3, 6, & 12 months. 

How do I skip a month?

Month to month subscriber can do this by logging into their account (see question below). If you are a prepay customer, email/contact us. You need to skip before you renew for the box you do not want. Renewals occur the 15th of each month for the next months box. Sign in to your account; Click "EDIT" under Your Subscriptions; Click "SKIP NEXT RENEWAL"

How do I update my address?

Email us with your new address OR Sign in to your account under the "Log In" tab ~ Scroll down to Shipping Address & click "Add an Address" ~ Go back to your account page, find Your Subscription(s) & click "Edit" ~ Use the drop down under Choose a New Shipping Address ~ Click "Change" ~ If you have trouble, just email us and we can update the address on our end.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Email us OR Sign in to your account; Click "EDIT" under Your Subscriptions; Click "CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION"