Mix Box: Bread Edition

Bake fresh bread in your home every month with a little help from Homemade Bakers NEW Bread Making Kits! 

With a rotation of 10-12 delicious breads, your home will be smelling decadent all year long. Your taste buds will thank you for this one!


Bread Making Made Easy


Easy to follow, step by step instructions, in combination with premeasured ingredients makes for the perfect bread every time!



Garlic Knots

PAST BOX: November Box

Thanksgiving Box

Sign up October 1st-31st

Ships around November 7th


Savory Cranberry Nut Bread

CURRENT BOX: December Box

2023 Holiday Box

Sign up November 1st-30th

Ships around December 7th

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❖ Sign up: December 1st-18th

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Challah Bread

January Box

Sign up December 19th-31st

Ships around January 7th

Enjoy this soft and fluffy bread in a multitude of ways. Use it for French toast (or a French toast bake, yum), bread pudding, in a breakfast casserole, the list goes on! My favorite way to eat this bread is two ways: dipping it in warm soup or topping it with a little honey (DEVINE!)


French Baguettes 

February Box

Sign up January 1st-31st

Ships around February 7th

These warm and steamy French Baguettes feature the a perfectly crispy crust and silky soft inside! You'll have this bread on your mind all day, waiting to dip it in rich balsamic and olive oil, sprinkled with salt and herbed spices. 


Herb Dinner Rolls

March Box

Sign up February 1st-29th

Ships around March 7th

Imagine: It's 7pm, you just made the most perfect dinner that you're ready to devour after a long day. Herbs and butter are being warmed on the stovetop. Homemade Bakers dinner rolls are in the oven with 5 minutes left on the timer. You walk over to the stove and add some shredded parmesan to the warm herbs & garlic. The rolls are done baking, pulling them out of the oven and placing them on a hot pad. You pour the buttery herbs overtop of the warm, soft, and fluffy rolls, spreading evenly over each roll. Are you hungry? We are! Get your hands on these rolls by signing up today!

Watch the Tutorial: HERE


Brioche Bread

April Box

Sign up March 1st-31st

Ships around April 7th

This no-knead brioche bread is slightly sweet, super soft, and extra delicious! Our bakers have RAVED about this bread - Many have even used it to make Classic French Toast and French Toast bakes! This Brioche Bread Making Kit makes two nice 9x5 loaves of bread. 

Watch the Tutorial: HERE



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Past Breads


Soft Pretzels

(2 Flavors: Salted & Cinnamon Sugar)

Get ready for Oktoberfest with our Soft Pretzel: Bread Making kit! Who doesn't love a good soft pretzel? With this Mix Box you will make 12 homemade pretzels, topped with Salt or Cinnamon Sugar (your box will come with both!). We can't wait for you to try them yourself!  

Watch the Tutorial: HERE


Honey Butter Rolls

Our Honey Butter Rolls feed the soul with their soft and pillowy texture, real honey, sea salt, and Premium Sir Galahad Flour. The best part is taking these rolls out of the oven and brushing them with the melted honey butter... Yea, it doesn't get better than that! We went all out with this recipe and we can't wait for you to try them, too!

Watch the Tutorial: HERE


Focaccia Bread

Get ready to bake some fresh homemade bread with this delicious Focaccia bread making kit! Our favorite part you ask? It has to be making the classic "dimples" - it's a hands on experience to say the least! Watch out tutorial to see what's in store! Lastly, whip out that olive oil + balsamic and get dipping with this herby, flaky, flavorful bread!

Watch the Tutorial: HERE


Pizza Dough 

It's PIZZA NIGHT! This kit includes two individual pizza kits; each kit makes 1 large pizza. Have fun with this easy bread making kit and make 100% homemade pizza dough, made by you! 

Grocery List: Your favorite pizza toppings (cheese, sauce, etc)

Watch the Tutorial: HERE