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Each box includes: 1) Pre-measured non-perishable ingredients - all hand measured by Katelyn 2) Recipe Booklet 3) Ingredient Card with measurements to remake each dessert 4) Items including parchment paper, toothpicks, cupcake liners, etc. & in order to complete each dessert!

July Box: 

Red, White, and Blueberry Muffins

Enjoy this delicious take on a blueberry muffin upgraded with strawberries (or raspberries!) This muffin recipe will teach you how to make the most delicious, moist muffins & your own homemade jam (you'll swirl the jam into the top of the muffin! uhhh YUM!) --- Follow sign up schedule above.

Sign up: CLOSED -- Ships: between July 7th-10th

Yield: 18 Muffins -- Contains: No nuts or peanuts

Grocery: 1 cup Blueberries, 1 cup Strawberries, 3 large Eggs, 1 & 1/2 cup Buttermilk, 6 Tbsp Butter 


August Box: 

Fluffernutter Cookies

Once a year (during the month of August) we always feature a Peanut Butter dessert! This August will be the Fluffernutter Cookies. Let me tell you, you're ganna want to get your hand in the cookie jar when you bake these bad boys! Enjoy this super soft cookie (stays soft for DAYS) topped with marshmallow! You do not want to miss this Box!! Not a fan of Peanut Butter? Swap to the Cinnamon Buns!

Sign up: July 1st-31st -- Ships: around August 7th

Yield: 36 cookies (3 dozen)  -- Contains: Peanuts

Grocery: 1 cup Butter, 2 large Eggs


September Box: 

Cinnamon Apple Whoopie Pies 

Get ready for fall with the September Dessert! The SUPER soft cinnamon apple "cookie" combined with the cinnamon cream cheese frosting is out of this world! You'll soften the apples by pre-cooking them on the stovetop with bubbling brown sugar & cinnamon (oh yes), then adding them to the batter. You'll finish this dessert by spreading fluffy cinnamon icing in between 2 apple cookies. I promise, you've never had a whoopie pie like this!

Sign up: August 1st-31st -- Ships: around September 7th

Yield: 15 Whoopie Pies -- Contains: No Nuts or Peanuts

Grocery: 3 large Eggs, 1-2 Apples, 6 oz Cream Cheese, 3 Tbsp Butter, 1 Tbsp Water


October Box: 

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Bread

Sign up: September 1st-30th -- Ships: around October 2nd

Yield: 9x5 inch loaf pan  -- Contains: Walnuts (optional)

Grocery: 8 oz Cream Cheese, 4 Tbsp Butter, 3 large Eggs, 6 Tbsp Milk, 1 cup Pumpkin Puree


November Box: 

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

Modified Sign Up & Shipping Schedule:

Sign up: October 1st-17th

Ships: around October 25th

(I, Katelyn, am getting married at the end of October so I want to get the November Boxes out BEFORE my wedding/honeymoon!) 

Yield: 9x9 inch pan  -- Contains: Pecans

Grocery: 1 & 1/2 cups Butter, 1/4 cup Milk

(Last Day to Swap this dessert for Cinnamon Buns = Oct. 17th)


December Box: 


Sign up: November 1st-30th -- Ships: around December 7th

Yield: Coming Soon  -- Contains: Coming Soon

Grocery: Coming Soon


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