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Each box includes: 1) Pre-measured non-perishable ingredients - all hand measured by Katelyn 2) Recipe Booklet 3) Ingredient Card with measurements to remake each dessert 4) Items including parchment paper, toothpicks, cupcake liners, etc. & in order to complete each dessert!

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November Box: 

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

Enjoy my take on a traditional Pecan Pie but in bar form! Most pecan pies call for that thick, sugary stuff called corn syrup, but NOT OURS! You'll be delighted to see how we candy the pecans & make the filling ooey-gooey (hint, we use some of the crust, butter & brown sugar!). Finally, the bars are drizzled with a warm & melty chocolate ganache, and as it cools the chocolate sets into a soft, decadent topping. Ok, now we're hungry.. How about you?!

Sign up: October 1st-17th -- Ships: around October 25th (+3 day shipping) 

Yield: 9x9 inch pan  -- Contains: Pecans

Grocery: 1 & 1/2 cups Butter, 4 Tbsp Milk

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December Box: 

Caramel Snickerdoodles

The ULTIMATE Snickerdoodle. Yep. The 2021 Holiday Box is HERE! Enjoy these tasty, classic snickerdoodles with a little hidden gem (soft caramel candy) inside! Eat these cookies right out of the oven for an ooey-gooey center (or microwave them a few days later, they'll still be soft!) Not a caramel fan? Omit the caramel for the softest, most delicious snickerdoodle your mouth has ever had the opportunity to savor! Gift these cookies to friends, family, or everyone on your block! They will be sure to brighten everyone's holiday season (& even your own!) Perfect for Holiday get togethers & cookie swaps!

Sign up: November 1st-30th -- Ships: around December 7th (+3-10 day shipping - USPS is very busy this time of year! Will arrive before Christmas)

Yield: 2 dozen  -- Contains: No nuts or peanuts

Grocery: 1/2 cup Butter & 2 large Eggs


January Box: 

Cranberry White Chocolate Blondies

Sign up: December 1st-31st -- Ships: around January 7th (+3-7 day shipping. USPS is very busy this time of year!) 

Yield: 9x13 pan  -- Contains: Pecans 

Grocery: 1 cup Butter, 2 large Eggs, 1 cup Cranberries (fresh or frozen)


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February Box: 

Coming Soon!

Sign up: January 1st-31st -- Ships: around February 7th (+3 day shipping) 

Yield: Coming Soon  -- Contains: Coming Soon

Grocery: Coming Soon


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Mix Box featured quality ingredients & recipes monthly, each box is packed by us, and each bag is hand weighed. Weighing ingredients ensures your dessert will come out flawless every time! Baking is a science, but it doesn't have to be hard! Mix Box sources the best ingredients from local stores in Berks County, PA. Baking is our passion & we encourage you to bake HOMEMADE desserts in your home!