Mix Box: 

Simple Creations

All of the GREAT things about Mix Box but with a simple twist. These kits will feature recipes that have become a staple in our home, recipes we use in our every day lives. Over the years, there have been SO many recipes we wanted to share with our bakers, but they just didn't fit into our dessert or bread making kits. Now, Homemade Bakers is expanding (again!) to bring you some of our most essential recipes!

About our Simple Creations Kits

All of the Simple Creation Kits will be available as Add Ons & 1-Time Boxes. These kits are recipes that we use frequently, so as I create and test them, I will release more kits! I love sharing my dessert and bread recipes with you, so I wanted to share some of my most staple, simple recipes too! 

Each box will include all of the non-perishable ingredients and a recipe card with instructions to remake the recipe over and over! Add each recipe card to your collection to keep hold of these simple staple recipes to make in the future!

Honey Cinnamon

Pecan Granola

Seven simple ingredients that say it all: Oats, Honey, Cinnamon, Pecans, Vanilla, Olive Oil, Sea Salt

A Quick Story: I walked into the grocery store on my weekly grocery run. On my list: Granola (for my morning yogurt). I turn each granola bag over and the top three ingredients either read cane sugar, brown sugar syrup, canola oil, or rice flour. To be fair, they did include Oats... ya know, a main ingredient in Granola! 

Anyway, just read our list of seven ingredients and you'll forget all about those unhealthy ingredients, Oh and don't forget this granola hasn't been sitting on a grocery store shelf for weeks, it is made FRESH by YOU! Enjoy!



Whipped Cream

An essential part to your recipe repotoir. I truly believe homemade whipped cream will CHANGE your life (nope not kidding!) Once you try it, you won't want canned whipped cream ever again (sorry, haha). 

Learn how to make homemade whipped cream with this Simple Creations Kit! This kit features 2 whipped cream kits. Each kit makes 3 cups of whipped cream. Make one now and save the other for later! 

FREE SHIPPING when added to any of our other kits (simple creations, dessert kit, or bread kit)


Cookie Dough Dip

You can't go wrong with these 3 words: Cookie. Dough. Dip. -- Yea, it's as good as it sounds (if not better!).